Words to accompany the exercises, Part 3/7

As we execute each movement of the gymnastics, we silently say a formula, a prayer. These formulas, these prayers, not only help us to become aware of the importance and meaning of each gesture, they also send out vibrations that penetrate the very substance of our being.

The importance of inner silence
I will show you how each of these movements can be linked to a symbol, a geometric figure. As with all spiritual exercises, it is better to be able to do these gymnastic exercises in silence, surrounded by silence, but also and above all in inner silence. So, before you begin, take a look inside yourself, and allow this silence – this expression of peace, harmony and light – to fill you.

It is pointless aspiring to any kind of spiritual realization while you cannot manage to interrupt the noisy, uncontrolled flow of your thoughts and feelings. When you manage to achieve this silence, you will communicate a subtle grace and rhythm to your gestures, which will be transmitted to all your cells and will also have a positive effect on all the beings around you.

Inner speech is called ‘The Word’, and is a universal language, understood by angels and all creatures
I have often said to you that even animals and plants are sensitive to the atmosphere we emanate. Once silence has been established, you can begin the exercises, saying the formulas in your mind at the same time. This inner speech is what is called ‘the Word’.

‘The Word’ is speech that has not yet come down to the physical level. It is there, real and alive but inaudible, and it manifests in the invisible world as shapes, colours and vibrations. It is thanks to the Word that you can make yourself heard in the different kingdoms of nature. This is because the Word can always find an immediate appropriate expression that all creatures, even the angels and the archangels, understand; yes, the Word is the universal language.

We seek to contact our Higher Self, our Divine Self
At the end of each formula, we add ‘for the glory of God’. Why? Because in the spiritual life it is essential that we know who we are serving. We must see even the gymnastic exercises as an opportunity to glorify the Lord.

I will say a few more words about this. Instead of saying ‘for the glory of God’, we can also say ‘for the glory of our heavenly Father’ or ‘for the glory of my heavenly Father’. With this formula, we are seeking to contact our higher self, our divine self, more directly.

Awakening an inner awareness of our divine origin
For the truth is that, on high, in the divine world, we are a spark of the same nature, the same quintessence, as God, our heavenly Father. All human beings are sons and daughters of the same heavenly Father, and when we say ‘our heavenly Father’ or ‘my heavenly Father’, each one of us is emphasizing this filiation, this identity, even more strongly.

In doing so we awaken an inner awareness of our divine origin, and we create a connection with the Lord so that, eventually, we will merge with him. For we are predestined one day to say, as Jesus said, ‘My Father and I are one’.

To be continued…

Learn or practice the exercises
If you wish to learn or practice the exercises you can purchase the book Bringing Symbols to Life(including a DVD), from which this series is taken, at Prosveta, or download to Kindle via this link on Amazon. You can also watch the video for free on YouTube.

The Master demonstrates the gymnastics.

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Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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