Work with Light – Light is a Living Spirit, Part 1/5

It is common these days to hear the terms ‘Light Workers’ who ‘ Work with Light’ and send each other ‘Love and Light’, but how many really know the meaning of these terms? The Master’s book ‘Light is a Living Spirit’, contains extracts from a number of his lectures on the subject. This series presents some highlights.

‘The physical world, as we know it, is simply the condensation of primordial Light. God emitted Light and used that Light as the raw material out of which he created the universe. One day scientists will discover that light is the primordial matter from which the universe was created.  The universe, therefore, is God’s very own substance; it came from him, it has become exterior to him, and yet it is still him.

Beyond the visible sun is the invisible, ‘dark Sun’ which pours a ceaseless stream of energies into our visible sun, and the visible sun transforms them and sends them on in the form of light. The dark sun emitted the primordial Light which the visible sun transforms and sends out as rays of visible light. The primordial ‘true’ Light only lights up objects that cross its path; if it does not encounter an object it remains invisible. The presence of true Light, then, is revealed by the objects in its path.

Thousands of years ago, the sacred scriptures of India revealed the great importance that their sages attributed to the sun. Take the example of the Puranas. In the Agni Purana, the sun is considered to be the manifestation of Visnu and the universal Source of all that is. The Matsya Purana says that when we adore the sun we adore Brahma, Visnu and Siva, the trinity which corresponds to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the Christian religions.


In the Markandeya Purana, the sun is called ‘Abode of Knowledge’, ‘Cleanser of Darkness’, ‘Stainless and supreme Soul’, ‘universal Cause’, ‘Material and Non-material’, and is considered to be the primeval Power which exists in all forms of water, earth, air and fire. It also teaches that he who reverently adores the sun every morning, in humility and tranquillity, obtains the grace of Laksmi, goddess of love and beauty. Those who adore the sun with undivided attention are delivered from sin and enjoy immunity from all disease. Read More

Each ray of sunshine is a source of energy and humans will have to turn more and more to the energy of the sun, for its resources are limitless. But the energy contained in sunlight is not purely utilitarian: Light is a living Spirit which comes from the sun and which establishes a direct relationship with our own spirit. There are spiritual beings dwelling in each ray of sunshine. This is why it is so important for spiritual people to learn to work with light – which I will explain.

When a ray of sunshine strikes an object, whatever it may be, it gives it something. In man, the sun’s rays are transformed into intelligence, for it is only in man that light finds a host sufficiently receptive to enable it to manifest itself as thought. The spirit which speaks through the mouth of man is an emanation of solar light. It is light that thinks, speaks, sings and creates, and as it gradually clears a passage for itself within the human soul, light is reflected in the form of intelligence, love, beauty, nobility and strength.’
To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Izvor book 212, Light is a Living Spirit


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    These teachings make alot of sense to me, I would like to learn much more

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      Dear Shanta, we are happy to hear that and welcome you on the journey with us. We hope you will find much to explore on this website, but please reach out if you have any questions – either via your comments or using the contact form.

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    Will do ,thank you so much!!

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