Working for an idea, without self-interest, Part 4/5

Compared to the vast numbers of those who work for destruction and create mountains of difficulties and darkness,  only a handful of human beings in the world understand that we must unite and work in harmony in order to counter the ills that threaten humanity: war, poverty and disease. This tiny minority is not mighty enough to combat the bad influence of the majority.

I have always said that numbers are extremely important: the numbers of those who are good, pure, enlightened and capable of taking part in the formation of a universal brotherhood whose decisions would have some weight in world affairs.

Instead of understanding and uniting in this work of transformation, instead of collaborating in this tremendous work, most human beings choose to be individualistic and remain isolated, separate. They work only for their own interests.

For example, if the brothers who came and planted the almond trees we were talking about earlier, worked for some kind of reward or because they wanted to be thanked and admired, they would not be disinterested.

True spiritualists work for a divine idea and it is this idea that is their reward, for it is directly linked to Heaven; it is a world in itself. They work for an idea and that idea assumes the responsibility for giving them joy, enthusiasm and hope in return.

Personally, that is what I do: I work for an idea. If I am different from most people, it is not that I am more intelligent, richer or more knowledgeable. No, there are a great many who are far more gifted in these areas; it is simply that I work for an idea.

A great many people who come to the Brotherhood are very diligent and ardent as long as they think that there is some knowledge to be gleaned from my talks or they have a hope of getting to know some pretty girls.

But once they have got what they came for, they leave; they see no point in staying any longer. This shows that they were not working for a disinterested idea: they were working for themselves.

And those who come here for my sake, because they find me interesting or likeable, are no better off! There is no guarantee that, one day, they will not find me quite so much to their liking and will not leave me.

I much prefer them to come for the Teaching, for the philosophy. Then we can be sure that they are here neither for themselves, nor for me or anyone else, but solely in order to work for the idea of the Universal White Brotherhood, to work to strengthen and nurture this idea and propagate it throughout mankind.

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