A world filled with Joy, Love and Song, Part 3/3

‘You will say, ‘But this new life that you are talking about, the collective, fraternal life, is still a long way off. It is still too difficult to understand.’ Difficult to understand? How can it be difficult to understand? A hundred people all looking at you with such love that you feel so happy you would like to die—is that so difficult to understand?

To die and be buried… Yes, but you will have died of love and that is far better than dying of anger or hatred. We still do not know all the divine treasures human beings contain and what they will one day be capable of producing.

Let others see the treasures of your heart
Do you not think that every pretty girl you see in the street is burning to let others see all the charming and adorable treasures of her heart? She is, but the trouble is that she is not allowed to; she is obliged to hide all these treasures and keep them locked up inside, because she has to obey those idiotic archaeologists, whose narrow archaeological wisdom teaches that she must always distrust everybody and never smile at a stranger.

This is why I say that mankind in its true form still does not exist. An evil mankind exists, yes, and that is why, in spite of all his culture and civilization, man is still a troglodyte, a caveman.

Men and women will no longer feel the need to gratify their lust
When the new era comes human beings will allow all that is good in them to manifest itself without fear of danger or harm, and it will be the kingdom of heaven on earth. The world will be filled with love, joy and song. You will say, ‘But that is bound to degenerate into debauchery!’ No, just the opposite; debauchery exists today because people do not know the true meaning of love.

In a world in which all human beings love each other, men and women will no longer feel the need to pounce on each other simply to gratify their lust. A true understanding of love prevents man from behaving like an animal. Look for true love and you will no longer feel the need for such things. You will feel fulfilled, you will be bathed in splendour.

As the years go by, we often see things differently
They say, ‘I do not want anything to do with a collectivity, thank you. I’m perfectly happy by myself.’ All right, if you insist, but you will see what is in store for you. So many men and women, even when they are still very young, have their own ideas and plans and systems, and they are absolutely convinced that everything will work out exactly as they planned. But later in life they see things differently. Even distinguished philosophers are forced to change their philosophy and admit that they were mistaken.

Of course some people are quite happy to be alone. But suppose a young man, who was once content with his solitude, meets a ravishingly beautiful young girl. As soon as he compares this new sensation of well-being to the satisfaction that he experienced in his solitude, he will find that he much prefers his present state.

To remain single can be selfish
Ah yes, he is much better off with his beloved in his arms than when he was all alone! And to have his beloved in his arms is already the beginning of the collectivity, for it is not long before a whole brood of little ones arrives! Of course there are people who do not want to get married because they are selfish and do not want to work to support a family; but they do not know that selfishness does not give them the right to remain single.

It is sometimes legitimate to remain single, but only if your motivation is divine. Otherwise it is much better to marry and have children, for then you are obliged to do something for others instead of shutting yourself away in selfish isolation.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Volume 26, A New Dawn, Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science
Chapter 3, The Concept of a Pan-world

Lyon, March 6, 1966

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