Astrology, Cabbalah and Symbols

Astrology, Cabbalah and Symbols2017-07-08T23:13:02+02:00

The constellations and planets are the hieroglyphs, the sacred letters which reveal, to those who know how to decipher them, how mankind and the world were created, how they evolve hand in hand and how their inner structure is identical. Every human being who becomes aware of his kinship with the universe begins to feel the need to cultivate his inner life in order to rediscover, within himself, that cosmic plenitude symbolized to perfection by the circle of the zodiac.

Geometrical figures are, as it were, the framework or skeleton of reality but although they are reduced to the bare bones they are by no means dead, for they represent living realities in man and the universe. And this is why, in order to interpret them, we have to breathe the life of the spirit into them: they will mean nothing to us if we are content to study them only as they occur outside ourselves.

A study of the sephirotic tree, the Tree of Life, affords a very clear view of the spiritual work there is to be done and is a method that can accompany you throughout your life. Follow it, and your thoughts will stop wandering aimlessly, and as you succeed in moving forward along this path blessings will be showered upon you. Returning often to the sephirotic tree switches on new lights each time, not only bringing you insight but also purifying, strengthening, vivifying and embellishing you. Maybe you will never understand this sacred figure perfectly and succeed even less in achieving the virtues and powers it represents, but it will act as the representation of an ideal world and always have an uplifting effect on your being.

The sephirotic Tree is an aid in order to work on our own matter, so as to improve it, shape it, and make it vibrate so that it may one day express the divine world.