4 Days to Go – Open the Gates

Archangel Gabriel – source of light during the winter solstice

Only experience can give us access to the reality of the divine world. The books we read on this subject will give us a few glimmers of light and a general sense of direction, but that is not enough. We then need to be able to go elsewhere for instruction, to live something elsewhere.

This journey to somewhere else, which mystics call ecstasy, takes place when a being is projected out of their body. True knowledge, that which becomes flesh and bone within us, is only truly acquired if we succeed in rising to those regions where all of creation and all creatures have their origin.

The great founders of religion received their inspiration from above. According to tradition, they were taught by the archangels; it is said that Metatron taught Moses, the archangel Gabriel taught Mohammed, and so on, which is a way of saying true knowledge comes from above and we must seek it above. To all those who are capable of rising to the higher regions of consciousness, the same truths are revealed. The forms and expressions are different, but the principles are the same.

Planetary Event December 23, 2014 – Open the Gates to the Forces of Light

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