A Rose – helps us discover true love, (Final 2/2)

-The rose is a gift that Venus gave to the earth.
Roses are the containers for the Venusian currents, the currents of love. When we draw close to them, we receive this love. Love is incarnate in roses; why neglect such a gift?…

Of course, on the surface a rose is nothing much, but in reality it has the power to put us in contact with the world of Venus; even a single petal is impregnated with its quintessence. In looking at a rose, loving it, we communicate our magnetism to it, and it communicates something to us in return; it links us to the beings that inhabit Venus’s realm, who are more evolved than the inhabitants of earth.

It is simple, it is a principle of magic: a rose is not Venus, and despite its beauty and its perfume, we should not dwell on it alone but rather see it as an intermediary between us and higher beings. It is these beings, through the rose, who help us discover true love, beauty and grace.

We link with the essence of the spiritual world through earthly objects. When we touch gold, which is imbued with the same vibrations as the sun, we communicate with the spirit of the sun. When we smell or touch a rose, we make contact with Venus, who gives us love, spiritual love, and our love becomes more poetic, purer, broader, more intense.

Oh, how many things I have learned whilst meditating with a rose! I linked to its spirit and talked to it as to a living being. I asked it to make my soul like its soul, to imbue mine with its quintessence, so that my soul might become a flower in God’s garden and bring joy to the heavenly beings who like to visit the earth. For these heavenly beings love to find flowers on their paths – pure and luminous souls. They take care of them and protect them so that they become even more beautiful.

It is difficult for me to put into words exactly what the sight of a rose awakens within me. I have the sensation of living with it, vibrating with it, and I am nourished by something that comes down from the divine world. In appearance it is quite small, but in me it is great, for it brings me so many things! It smiles at me, and I too look at it with great love; I ask it to enter deep within me to awaken other roses in my heart and soul, for it has that power.


That is why I would like to give this advice to future mothers: during your pregnancy, from time to time look for roses, or even just one, and meditate beside them, asking them to influence the child you are carrying. The spirits of roses are beings that have agreed to incarnate here on earth to help people, and with what joy they answer your request!

A rose is silent, and yet so eloquent! Through its emanations, it never stops sending us this message: turn towards the sun and become like me. If we could measure the wavelengths that it emits, we would be amazed at the efforts it makes to influence us. The rose still remains such a mystery! Its colour is that of spiritual love, its shape the expression of perfect harmony, its scent, that of purity. Why not look at roses to discover the pathway to true love, a love that does not bind, a love that liberates?

By simply touching one petal, we can link ourselves to those beings that agreed to be embodied in the rose so that they could inspire us and open unimaginable horizons for us. For those with an enlightened consciousness, a simple rose petal becomes the springboard for the greatest spiritual realizations. Whereas, without awareness, we pass by the most precious gifts, and become impoverished.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
 A Living Book, Autobiographical Reflections Vol. 1, Chapter 6

Image courtesy, Josephine Wall

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