A universal religion – leaving your signature, Part 4/7

-Things of the spirit have to be given concrete expression – a signature
When a boy falls in love with a girl what does he do? It is not long before he tries to kiss her. Why is he not satisfied to keep his relationship on the level of thought and feeling? Ah, in this area men and women behave just as cosmic intelligence planned that they should!

But we must remember that the things of the spirit also have to be given concrete expression in our actions, our attitude and our work. Otherwise they are as worthless as a letter or a contract without a signature. The signature represents the concrete expression, the realization.

Or take another example: a general prepares a brilliant plan of attack that he is sure will bring him victory, and he has set his heart on that victory. But what use will his battle plan be if he never gives the order to attack? The ‘signature’ that validates his plan is the order to attack, which implements it on the physical plane.

Some of you will probably think that I am contradicting myself. You will say, ‘You are always criticizing materialists for being concerned only about their worldly interests. You say that they are working for the benefit of thieves, because they will not be allowed to take any of their acquired wealth with them. They will arrive in the next world naked and destitute, and no one will welcome them.’

past life2

But there is no contradiction here, for it is one thing to care about nothing but money and possessions and quite another to strive to manifest heaven, goodness and light on the physical plane.

When what you achieve here on earth is true, luminous and divine, you will be allowed to take it with you, and in this way you create your own future. But if you are content to think and wish and never actually achieve anything, you will be naked when you leave this world because you will not have left your signature on anything.

To be continued…
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works Vol. 26, A New Dawn, Chapter 2

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