Aquarius, the Age of Inner Prosperity, Final Part 5/5

Man’s intelligence is still not perfect because it has always been developed for reasons of self-interest. Everybody benefits from the extraordinary progress that has been made, but only externally. Inwardly, they are still isolated and apart; they are not united. Outwardly, it is true, the individual members of nations and societies help and support each other through institutions of national defence, social security, family allowances, etc. But humans have still not understood what this progress in objective realities means. They have still not deciphered the message contained in all the facilities, possibilities and advantages of modern life, nor transposed them onto the plane of their own inner life.

There is still a lot of work to do, therefore, in order to form this inner society, this human community on the spiritual plane. Inwardly, human beings are still apart and mutually hostile; they are not moving together towards the same goal. Without realizing it, the different countries are working for separation, isolation. Of course, they have various forms of international relations that go by such names as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diplomatic Service, World Trade and so on but, in reality, each nation is determined to defend its separate identity, each one wants to be a world power and to impose its will on the others.

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No, truly, there are not many who are inwardly united. This is why we must work to make inner universal brotherhood a reality; we must work to unite human beings, peoples and nations and help them to attain that sublime consciousness of unity and a life of fulfilment and abundance, a life of inner prosperity. Proof that this question is only half solved can be seen in the fact that, although human beings have achieved fantastic results on the outer level, on the inner level they often still feel unfulfilled, empty, poor and in darkness. This shows that progress has to be taken a stage further.

More people in the world now have food and lodging. External conditions, therefore, are far better than in the past. Yes, but what about man’s inner conditions? This is the work of the future: to procure an inner prosperity for humanity equal to that it enjoys outwardly.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Complete Works, Vol. 25, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the light of Initiatic Science

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