‘I shall never tire of repeating this truth…’

By linking yourself to the universe you can obtain whatever you desire

‘The one thing that can give you true certainty is to realize that you are, each one of you, a spiritual entity whose life is linked to the universe and who can obtain whatever you desire in the infinite worlds of the soul and spirit. Once you understand this you will no longer need to pursue ephemeral satisfactions. So be on your guard! Even though social and material success may seem, more and more, to be the only security you have, you must at all costs avoid making it your first priority.

You are on earth in order to work within the sphere of matter to become a fully conscious son or daughter of God. This is the only certainty you need.

I shall never tire of repeating that faith is based on a knowledge of your deepest self

A little more knowledge in the domain of biology, chemistry, or astrophysics will not bring you closer to God, it may serve only to increase your sense of uncertainty. The kind of knowledge on which faith is based is quite different. It is a knowledge that concerns you yourself, by which I mean your deepest self with all its wealth, all its infinite possibilities. If you are still looking outside yourself for what you need, it means that you do not really believe in the divine power that flows within you. In your subconscious mind there is no faith, only uncertainty.

I shall never tire of repeating this truth to you, for the sole task of a genuine spiritual guide is to liberate human beings. Many people suppose that a spiritual Master is a despot who uses his powers to impose his convictions on others. Well, they are wrong; it is exactly the opposite. A spiritual Master has no desire to impose his own will or convictions on others, or rather, he has only one conviction to impose on them, the conviction that their salvation lies exclusively in themselves.

Faith, like science is based on verification, experience and lucidity

After that, all he does is show them the methods to use and the experiences they need in order to get there. You often hear me say, ‘Believe me…’, but that does not mean that I want you to trust me blindly. I am simply asking you to take what I tell you seriously, to meditate on it, to try it out and verify it for yourselves. For if you do so I am certain that you will believe me, whereas if you believe me blindly and without reflection, at some time or another anyone or anything could sway you.

Contrary to what most people imagine, faith is not a blind, baseless belief. In fact, it is because they think this that they are still in the grip of uncertainty. Faith, like science, is based on verification, experience, and lucidity.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 239, Love Greater than Faith
Chapter 1, The Uncertainties of Modern Man

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