Can we escape Destiny? Part 2/2

‘The law of Destiny is an implacable chain of cause and effect to which the animal, biological, instinctive level of life is subject. What, for instance, is the destiny of a chicken? Can a chicken become a king, poet or musician? No, a chicken is destined for the pot! Every creature has its own destiny: a wolf is destined to be hunted, trapped and killed or carted off to the zoo; an ox is destined to be yoked to the plough, poor beast, and to spend its life toiling in the fields – unless it gets sent to the slaughterhouse and ends up on someone’s plate! An ox has no hope of changing its destiny any more than any other animal. Even lambs and doves have a destiny in keeping with what they stand for, consistent with their activity and the elements of which they are formed. And human beings are no different!

If humans want to escape blind subservience to destiny they must overcome their weakness and not allow themselves to be enslaved by the lowest levels of life over which they have no control: breathing, procreating, eating, drinking and sleeping. This kind of life is very far from the divine. True, it is divine in that it comes from God, for everything comes from God; but in the spiritual sense of the term it is far from divine.

Divine life begins at the point where a person realizes that they are more than a stomach, a sex organ, a creature of flesh, bone and muscle. Divine life begins when a person realizes that they are also a spiritual being and that they are meant to act and create in the realm of the spirit, that they are meant to devote their life to something more than their physical needs, something sublime, luminous and divine; then, yes, they free themselves from Destiny.

The destiny of the physical body is to fall ill, and to die; on this level there is no escape from destiny. But once a person ceases to be confined to that level, once they cease to identify themself with their own physical body, they cease to be bound to Destiny. The spiritual life enables us to add something to our instinctive life and live on a higher plane, a plane beyond the reach of Destiny.

But to achieve this the spirit must be given the freedom to manifest itself and put its seal and signature on our lives; it must be allowed to have a determining influence on everything we do. In this way we escape the grip of Destiny and become governed by the Law of Providence. Our bodies are destined to return to dust. Our bodies, yes. But not our spirits. The spirit is beyond the reach of Destiny, it is governed by the laws of Providence.

The question then arises: what do we have to do to enter the realm of Providence? First of all we have to realize that between these two levels, between Destiny and Providence, lies a zone in which free will must come into play, and that the principal task of a disciple is to free their will so completely that it is able to move, work and be active in the world of the spirit. In this way the disciple becomes subject to the Law of Providence and finds themself in a position to choose from a vast array of possibilities, and whatever their choice, it will always be excellent.

Whereas in the realm of Destiny no choice is possible, one is obliged to go only the one way, the way that leads to destruction, disintegration and annihilation. All those who are deprived of the light of Initiatic Science continue to flounder in the grip of Destiny. They are continually jostled, oppressed and tormented: Destiny is implacable. Anyone, be they king, queen or emperor, who is subject to destiny, has to accept its inexorable conclusion.’

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Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 202, Man, Master of his Destiny
Complete Works 12, Cosmic Moral Law


  1. Brian Hyde 04/20/2016 at 09:03 - Reply

    I like this article But some aspects I found disturbing.

    You said that a wolf is destined to be hunted and killed. I think its a fine creature and in a natural protected habitat it fulfils its role as God desgined.

    You mentioned some souls are destined for destruction and annihilation. How is annihilation of the spirit possible? Are you saying that there are some spirits that will never be able to extricate themselves from a downward spiral? What if they cannot help themselves? I thought reincarnation teaches God never abandons the darkest soul but works to bring it to that place where it sees and realizes its need for light? How can a being without all all knowledge and wisdom decide its own fate? Are you speaking of a kind of fatalism here?

    • JohnU 04/20/2016 at 22:50 - Reply

      Hello again, another good question. We have a policy not to edit the words of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov in case we change the meaning. He used expressive language to engage his audience.

      In relation to destruction and annihilation, if you read again, I think you will find he is referring to the physical body in this incarnation, not the soul or spirit which are eternal as you say.

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