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Luminous creatures will shower you with gifts

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'To find the meaning of life is to attain a state of consciousness so elevated that it embraces the whole universe, and all the minor, petty details of life lose their consistency and fade to nothing. Even if they are despised and persecuted, someone who has found the meaning of life feels comforted within themself; [...]

Finding the Meaning of Life

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'Every human being, whoever they may be—and whether they know it or not—seeks to give meaning to their life. They need to have a reason for existing, and they look for this reason among all their different experiences and the different aspects of their family, social and professional life. But in reality, neither personal success [...]

Dive into the ocean of Light, Part 5/5

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Peter Deunov It is in the midst of light that you will find total fulfilment- 'On the material plane we must be content with the possessions we have—but on the spiritual plane we must never be content; we must always be insatiably ambitious, always striving for the highest and most unattainable ideal: divine perfection. We [...]

The most important work we can do, Part 4/5

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'Human beings have an inborn tendency to avoid effort of any kind. They will do everything possible to get others—other human beings, animals or machines—to do their work for them. And the more they do this, the weaker they become and the more their faculties waste away. If you want to become strong, resourceful and [...]