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27 Enchanting Songs to download

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The brotherhood choir in Zurich has produced an enchanting recording of the songs in the Brotherhood songbook, which they are generously offering for our listening and enjoyment. The 52 songs are on two CDs which you can listen to by clicking the links below. CD 1, Songs 1-27 CD 2, Songs 28-52 The songs may also be downloaded [...]

Spiritual Gymnastics – a form of ‘White Magic’

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"The gymnastics that we do each day, are a form of white magic; they restore harmony between ourselves and the beneficial forces of nature and open spiritual channels in us, making way for a communication and exchange of forces from within and without which has very beneficial effects on our health.” Image: 'The Bonfin', the [...]

Learn Paneurhythmy – the Sacred Circle Dance

2017-07-08T22:27:08+02:00décembre 11th, 2015|About - Daily Posts, Cosmos, the Universe & Symbols, Harmony & Peace in the World, Music, Songs & Paneurhythmy, Nature & the Invisible|

For those in the southern hemisphere, summer is arriving and it is time to think about learning to dance the Paneurhythmy. 'What is Paneurhythmy? It is the Supreme Cosmic Rhythm. It is the Great Universal Harmony of movement. All of life is Paneurhythmy, but who is interested in doing it? Those who want to enter a world [...]

Napred Tchada – a beautiful recording…

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This is a picture of the beautiful Rila Mountains and the seven Rila Lakes in Bulgaria, with a recording of the song Napred Tchada. The song must have been sung there thousands of times by Peter Deunov's followers when they camped there every summer. Napred Tchada The words... 'Forward children forward' 'En avant les enfants, [...]

Music and the feelings it generates

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Some people claim they cannot listen to music, that they do not understand it. But what does this mean? It is not comprehension that counts in music, but the sensations you experience as a result of its vibrations, of the musical harmony. Do we understand birdsong, the murmuring of springs or streams, or the rustling [...]

Talent and Perfection

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'The world today is full of people who are remarkably gifted and talented. But why are all these gifts and talents and skills unable to save the world? Because that is not what is needed. If providence has given you the talent to be a poet,musician, physicist, economist or swimming champion and you have cultivated [...]