Nature & the Invisible

Humans can fly through space, Part 4/5

2017-05-20T18:26:10+02:00mai 20th, 2017|About - Daily Posts, Light and the Sun, Nature & the Invisible|

'As I explained earlier, the subtle particles emanating from the two perfume bottles touch and blend with each other as they rise into the atmosphere. Similarly, human beings, by means of their thoughts and feelings, by their quintessence, can fly through space and unite with other beings. The physical bodies are apart, but their souls [...]

Where creativity comes from, Part 5/5

2017-05-04T21:18:35+02:00mai 4th, 2017|About - Daily Posts, Consciouness & Meditation, Nature & the Invisible|

This creative instinct, that we all possess, inspires us to reach out beyond our ordinary possibilities and puts us in touch with other regions and other worlds inhabited by other subtler, etheric, luminous entities. And it is thanks to this dimension of our being that frees itself from its earthly constraints and rises to higher [...]

Creativity in humans belongs to the region of the soul, Part 4/5

2017-05-02T22:46:55+02:00mai 2nd, 2017|About - Daily Posts, Consciouness & Meditation, Nature & the Invisible|

To create is to surpass oneself -'The creative powers of human beings belong to a higher plane than their ordinary consciousness, to a region of their soul that manifests itself as imagination, as the capacity to explore and contemplate realities that transcend them and to capture something of their elements. To create is to transcend, [...]

Ancient cave paintings provide evidence, Part 3/5

2017-04-29T21:40:58+02:00avril 29th, 2017|About - Daily Posts, Consciouness & Meditation, Nature & the Invisible|

'When one observes human beings, one sees that they need to eat, drink, think, love, study and work, etc. But they also have another need: they need to create. From their earliest childhood, they express this need in their little sand-castles, their drawings and paintings. Even the most primitive peoples have this need to create, [...]