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The Life Beyond – everything in our life is recorded, Part 5/5

2016-11-17T15:07:14+01:00septembre 30th, 2016|About - Daily Posts, Destiny & Reincarnation, Nature & the Invisible|

'But let me get back to the most important: whether or not we believe in the life of the soul after death, without our knowing it, everything we do is recorded. Nature does much more wonderful things than even the most skilled electronic engineer: at the apex of each human’s heart, she places a tiny [...]

The Life Beyond – meeting the Creator, Part 4/5

2016-11-17T15:07:14+01:00septembre 28th, 2016|About - Daily Posts, Destiny & Reincarnation, Nature & the Invisible|

On the Buddhic plane we become one with the Universal Soul. 'Their next step is to rise to the Causal plane, and there they receive the secret treasures of Wisdom; all the mysteries of the universe are revealed to them; they are allowed to see and contemplate all the beauty of the Heavenly regions. Later, [...]

The Life Beyond – Humans and Angels, Part 1/5

2016-11-17T15:07:14+01:00septembre 22nd, 2016|About - Daily Posts, Astrology, Alchemy & Cabbalah, Nature & the Invisible|

'Initiatic Science teaches that human beings are a reflection, a replica, of the universe - and that, like the universe, they are composed of different regions or ‘bodies’. The established sciences still refuse to admit any such thing, and many of their errors, particularly in medicine and psychology, stem from this negation. The Hindu tradition [...]

Spiritual work is like tasting an orange

2016-06-22T18:12:05+02:00juin 22nd, 2016|About - Daily Posts, Cosmos, the Universe & Symbols, Nature & the Invisible|

‘I will explain the fundamental difference between spiritual and intellectual work. Let’s say that I give you an orange: your intellect enables you to acquire a lot of information about that orange: its shape and weight and colour, where and when it was grown, its particular properties and the chemical elements it contains, the different [...]