Clairvoyance, its different levels

Everybody knows that if they go into a dark cave or a forest at night, they must take a lantern or flashlight with them, but they have never paused to think about what that means. We always expect things to be lit for us, but this not possible; we have to illuminate them for ourselves.

Actually, everything on the astral and mental planes gives off light, but it is a light that cannot be seen by human eyes. Humans have to develop new centres, and light new lamps within their being, so that they can cast a ray of light onto the objects and creatures of the invisible world, thereby making them visible.

There are several different kinds of vision:
– First and foremost that of the spirit. To grasp the meaning of something with one’s intelligence is a kind of vision – in English we say, ‘I see’, meaning, ‘I understand.’ This is not physical sight, of course. In fact people often do not realize that it is a kind of sight. And when someone has a revelation it is because they are able to cast some rays of their inner light so far and to such great heights that the structure of the universe with all its laws and correspondences becomes visible to him.

– Sensation is also a kind of sight, which comes from projecting onto objects or beings another kind of ray which attunes us to their wavelength. In this way we become aware of their existence, their presence and their feelings.

– Finally there is a third kind of sight which enables us to see lights or entities in the etheric world. This is excellent in itself, but it is the lowest form of clairvoyance. Many people develop the ability to see etheric forms and colours, but without understanding or relating to them. They need a guide who can interpret what they see. This kind of sight, therefore, is not very useful. In fact it can often hinder a disciple in their evolution.

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As you see, therefore, there are different degrees or levels of clairvoyance, and the higher degree is that which enables us to perceive and understand the divine world. This is where you must begin. Later, if you wish, you can develop your clairvoyance on other levels, all the way down to the etheric level. Etheric sight is a lower level of clairvoyance because the etheric world is closely linked to the element earth; it belongs to the physical, not the spiritual world.

According to initiatic science, the physical world, like all the other worlds, is divided into seven different divisions or degrees. Conventional science recognizes only three possible states of matter – solid, liquid, and gaseous – but in fact there are four more states, and it is these that make up the etheric dimension…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Surya Yoga, Yoga of the Sun
Complete Works Vol. 10 The Splendor of Tiphareth

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