Consciousness – is like a movie screen, Part 1/3

‘What we are accustomed to calling ‘consciousness’ could be defined as the meeting place, the focal point, at which all the representatives of our psychic and physical organisms have agreed to meet together. It is a little like the United Nations.

You can also compare consciousness to a movie screen on which everything that takes place within a human being is projected. According to the degree of evolution of the person concerned, the nature and number of what is projected vary considerably.

Our consciousness can be restricted to a few images from our subconscious but it can also be as vast as the universe. It may also happen that someone else manages to project their will and desires onto the screen of your consciousness, thus impelling you to accomplish them even without your being aware of it. You think that it is you who have made a decision and then acted on it, while, in reality, someone else has been using you, sending you orders from a distance, and all you do is carry them out.

The importance of learning about Initiatic Science
It is essential, therefore, that human beings should learn about Initiatic Science so they can become masters of their own consciousness. In this way they not allow themselves to be swayed by all the forces and currents that flood into them from every corner of the universe, nor even by those rising from their own subconscious.

In most people, what we call consciousness is often no more than a manifestation of the subconscious. All their hereditary and instinctive animal tendencies struggle to rise to the surface and project their own image onto the screen of their consciousness. This is why, when disciples first set foot on the path of initiation, they must expect some surprises!

They want to pray, to be kind, to be pure, but they find themselves assailed by other desires and quite often give in. But if they don’t, if they continue to resist these base desires, they will become progressively freer and more independent and begin to live on the level of the superconscious, because a multitude of heavenly entities are helping them and they feel sustained and enlightened by their blessings. In these conditions their consciousness will expand and they will receive more light.’

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Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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Izvor Book 222, Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures
Chapter 11, Consciousness

Complete Works Vol. 17, Know Thyself: Jnana Yoga – Part 1
Chapter 7. Consciousness


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