Cosmic Balance, Masculine and Feminine Principles, Final

– The greatest secret of Initiatic Science
The question of love will be even more significant to future generations, everything else will seem pale in comparison. Love will be the world’s principal preoccupation, of utmost importance, because people will realize by then that the way to perfection and divinity is through love, loving divinely. God is love and love is God; if you have a good understanding of love, you have a good understanding of God. In the Initiatic sanctuaries of old, in the Great Mysteries, people were taught that love was the way to perfection and true freedom.

A perfect man, the ideal man as Cosmic Intelligence created him in the cosmic laboratories, is like the sun, his emanations have the same consistency, the same quintessence as solar light, but in the etheric state. In the future, all men will be conscious of love, this force, these vibrations that dominate matter, all will want to absorb the Light.

When two people feel a very pure love for each other, when they love each other’s soul and spirit… what looks they give each other! One look is enough, if it is a divine look. In the future, a man and woman will bring a child into the world simply by being in each other’s arms and looking at each other, concentrating their thoughts upon each other with pure love. The love of these parents, so intense and pure, will attract a divine spirit who will come and live its life on earth with them by entering their child’s body, made of the Light they emanate. You are incredulous, and it may be far off in the future, but nevertheless it is the evolution of man as foreseen by Cosmic Intelligence


love n ame soeurs

Together a man and woman are conductors of the two cosmic Principles, male and female. The man tries to incarnate the grandeur, nobility, intelligence, infinite power and perfection of the masculine principle which represents God, and the woman tries to incarnate the beauty, purity, tenderness, delicacy, and subtlety of the feminine principle which represents the divine Mother. Thus both consciously vibrate in unison with the Unity that created all beauty, joy, purity and perfection.

All women reflect the glory of cosmic Woman, their beauty is a reflection of the divine Mother, nature, who incorporates all beauty, who is Perfection, and all men reflect, to a greater or lesser degree, the splendour and glory of God.

A great Master could, if he wanted to, fertilize all women all over the earth, without seeing them or going near them, on condition that they accept his ideal, for in this case that is what the ‘seed’ would be. You are wondering how it would be possible for one little idea to fertilize all the women in the world. It is not possible on the physical plane, but on the spiritual plane it is.

earth light


Once women decide to consecrate themselves to heaven and put all their heart and soul and body to work for the divine goal, centres of Light will spring up all over the world, everyone will begin to speak the language of the new life, the language of divine Love. What are women waiting for to make up their minds? In view of the situation I have described, I now make the following statement:

All women, single or married, mothers of families or not, must now become conscious of their power and the sacred duty they have: to improve the world by contributing their inherent creative emanations to form a new collective body, the kingdom of God on earth. If they accept to widen the scope of their consciousness and look at things differently from the way they are used to, they will see what divine Magic can do for the world.
If they accept this work it will make them truly beautiful! When it is the ideal of the Golden Age that they are bearing, they will radiate with the youth and beauty of the cosmic Child! They will be nourished in their inner being by the idea that they have made it possible for the kingdom of God to be realized, and this will bring them Eternal Joy and Beauty.’
Today I have given you one of  the greatest secrets of Initiatic Science.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor 214, Hope for the World: Spiritual Galvanoplasty


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