Dark entities come to feed on our impurities, Part 4/7

Our bodies were intended to be temples-
‘Most human beings are extremely negligent about the purification of their physical bodies. It never occurs to them that their bodies were designed to be temples of the living God and that they should look after them and strengthen and purify them.

They continually abuse their bodies by eating and drinking things that are harmful to their health, or by smoking or indulging in various other forms of foolishness. Yes, man’s physical body was destined to be a temple, but there is nothing sacred about it any longer, and obviously, in these circumstances, it is not the Lord who will come to dwell in it but entities of a lower order, all those undesirables that love filth and feed on impurities.

The insect world teaches us about the danger of impurities
As I have often said, I have learned a great deal from the world of insects, from ants and bedbugs, for instance. These little creatures possess extraordinary antennae which science has not yet studied. For example, there are not normally any ants in my cottage, but I only have to leave some crumbs of food lying about, and within a few minutes there they are!

The same is true of flies, fleas and mice. In fact in the cheap hotels or doss-houses—in poor countries, for instance—swarms of bedbugs appear all over the ceiling as soon as people are asleep. But the remarkable thing is that they do not attack every sleeper in the dormitory. A bedbug will calculate its position with extraordinary accuracy and drop exactly on to the one person whose blood contains the impurities it needs to feed on.

How does it know which target to choose? It examines them all and says, ‘No, not that one. Not that one. Ah, there is one that has what I need,’ and presto! It drops straight on to its target.

On every plane there are entities that can sense impurities
Yes, bedbugs are really very clever! It is thanks to them that I have learned the supreme laws of purity, for the laws are the same on the psychic plane. On every plane there are creatures that sense impurities from afar and flock to feed on them. In every area and on every plane there is food for one or other kind of being.’

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Vol. 26, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science
Chapter 2. The True Religion of Christ

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