Destiny and Reincarnation, Part 2/7

– Good always bears fruit
You must not believe that those who are kind and generous and full of love, get only knocks in return. People who are in too much of a hurry to draw their conclusions spread this stupid idea that if you are too kind it will only bring you suffering. This is simply not true. Good always produces good and evil always produces evil. If you do good you will receive it in return, whether you want to or not.
If you do good and receive evil in return it is because there are still people on this earth who abuse your kindness and try to profit from it; if you are patient and persevere, sooner or later they will be punished, eliminated by someone else who is stronger and still more violent, and then they will understand and repent and come to you to atone for all the wrong they did you. So good always bears fruit; in fact, it bears fruit twofold, because in cases like this, Heaven counts in your favour all that you suffered by doing what was right, all the undeserved misfortunes that befell you, and your reward will be double.

Human beings do not know why reward and punishment are so long in coming. Let me tell you why the effects of our acts are so long in coming. As you will see, it is just one more proof of the loving kindness and mercy of Cosmic Intelligence. It is to give men time to learn from experience, to reflect, to repent and even improve, thereby wiping out past mistakes. If punishment was meted out at once we would be annihilated and would never have a chance to improve. Heaven gives us the time we need, sending us a few little problems along the way to encourage us to think and to give us a chance to make reparation.

But those who do only what is right do not receive their reward immediately, either. And it is better that they should not, because if they were rewarded at once they too might slacken their efforts and begin to break all the laws. Heaven leaves them time to become stronger, to consolidate their gains and to get to know themselves better. If they are not rewarded immediately it is so that they may be tested and show how persevering they will be in doing right. So, you see, there are good reasons for the delays. But, make no mistake about it, good always produces good fruit, this is an absolute truth. And evil always ends badly, and this is also absolute! The only question is how long it takes for a cause to produce its effects.

The very first rule of moral law is never to allow yourself a thought, a feeling or an action that could be harmful or dangerous to someone else, because you will be obliged, one day, to eat the fruit of those seeds you have sown… The day you begin to take this as an absolute rule you will be on the path to perfection.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor Book 202, Man, Master of his Destiny

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