Destiny and Reincarnation, part 5/7

All cosmic moral law is founded on the Law of Recording
Every living being, everything in creation in fact, has its duplicate, and in the same way everything you do, say, think or feel exists in duplicate. When you do something that affects another, whether it be helpful or harmful, your original action fades and disappears but it leaves its imprint on you in the form of an exact replica. Here again, I am telling you an essential truth that humans are totally unaware of, they never think that what they do for good or for evil has repercussions that reach far beyond the original act. Fortunately or unfortunately, it does not end there: fortunately if what they do is good, and unfortunately for them if what they do is wrong.

So let us talk about this question of duplicates. You all know that in government or business offices, when an official document, a decree or policy, is prepared, there is always a carbon copy or a photocopy: the original is sent to the person or office concerned and the copy is kept on file for future reference. It was not humans who first invented filing systems for their records, but nature itself. Nature keeps a copy of all your actions on file in her archives.

Akashic Records

And when we move on to the other side and seek admission into Heaven, we take with us the copy – or rather the three copies: physical, astral and mental – which bear the record of all our deeds, thoughts and feelings. The originals have gone who knows where, far away to some other planet or to the stars; you cannot get them back, it is too late. But a certified copy is always on file in your own, inner archives.

When a human being reaches the other world they come before an assembly of highly evolved spirits who remain with them while they watch the projection of the film of their life on earth. The film is not shown for the benefit of the assembly: they do not need to be shown the life-story, they know it already. They already know the degree of evolution the person has reached, their sins and crimes as well as their good deeds. So as I have said, everything is recorded. To know this law should be enough to convince you that you should be very careful not to indulge every passing fancy.
Every bad thought, even if it only passes through your mind, leaves an imprint on you which will be with you for all eternity, all the more so because once a negative imprint has been made there is a tendency for it to become a pattern, a stereotype, which repeats itself over and over again indefinitely. I have often talked to you about this and explained how you can create new patterns in yourself which will end by replacing the old bad habits acquired in the past.

Man bathed in light and roadway

If you do nothing to substitute good patterns for the bad ones, they will stay with you, time and again, in every reincarnation. You must erase them, otherwise there is no reason why they should not reappear each time. Hold on to your good patterns, your qualities and virtues, and work at improving them (there is always room for improvement), but you must also work at correcting your defects.

In point of fact, instead of fixing all their attention on a defect, which is the negative result of some destructive act in the past, it would be far better to concentrate on what they can do to build the future. From now on, therefore, say to yourselves, ‘Now I’m going to make amends and rebuild,’ and each day with unshakeable faith and tenacity and absolute conviction, work to this end. Take all the elements God has given you, your powers of imagination, thought and feeling, and concentrate on projecting the most beautiful entrancing scenes onto the inner screen of your mind. Picture yourself bathed in music and light, picture yourself in the sun surrounded by forms of the utmost perfection, imbued with qualities of kindness and generosity, with a capacity to sustain others and to help and guide them.

Since everything is recorded, you must take care to record only what is purest and best. And once you begin you will see for yourself that you will be so captivated by this activity, so busy and inspired, that it will become an inexhaustible source of joy to you, for you will be building the Temple of God within you. I know of no endeavour more worthwhile than this: to build the Temple of God in one’s innermost being, using all the best materials: utterly disinterested thoughts, feelings and acts.

Law recording

So, all is recorded, filed and computerized and, in the end, when humans die and go over to the other side, the heavenly entities they meet will not even ask, ‘How have you lived? What have you done? Did you help or comfort anyone, did you guide anyone towards the Eternal Fountainhead?’ They never question a human being because they know in advance that they would lie! No, they take a tiny reel of film from them, put it on their projectors and let them see it for themselves…

Well, there you have a few words on the law of memory or recording. What matters now is to realize how important it is for you to make new and better recordings, better patterns for yourself, every day. What about the old ones? Little by little you will superimpose your new recordings on the old ones and they will be erased. This is a prospect that should encourage you.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 202, Man, Master of his Destiny
Complete Works 12, Cosmic Moral Law

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  1. samantha-culshaw 08/13/2015 at 12:35 - Reply

    I am enjoying reading through these posts on reincarnation. 🙂 Of particular interest in this extract is the mentioning of replacing old bad habits with new ones, to make new and better recordings. I look forward to learning more of the Master’s teachings on this important inner work, and making more effort with this in my own life. Certain unhelpful patterns of thinking can be particularly difficult to change, when the habit of thinking that way has been so ingrained for so many years. At least one is able to start trying to replace the old with the improved new way, once there is some awareness of the need to do this to improve oneself. 🙂

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