The difference between meat and vegetarian food

The difference between meat and vegetarian food lies in the amount of solar rays they contain. Fruit and vegetables are so impregnated with solar light that they can be said to be a condensation of light. When we eat a piece of fruit or a vegetable we therefore absorb sunlight, which leaves no waste in us, whereas meat is rather poor in sunlight, which is why it putrefies quickly; moreover, everything that putrefies quickly is harmful to health.

In addition, you must realize that everything we eat is like an antenna within us which picks up certain specific wave-lengths. This is how meat tunes us in to the astral world, in the lower regions of the astral world.The astral world is swarming with beings all devouring and preying on each other like wild beasts. By eating meat, therefore, we are in daily contact with the fear, cruelty and sensuality of animals. Those who eat meat maintain this invisible link with the animal world in their body.

They would be horrified if they could see the colour of their auras. Finally, anyone who takes the life of an animal is assuming a very heavy responsibility; it is a violation of the commandment, ‘You shall not kill.

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