Distance maintains love…

Sometimes you meet a being to whom you feel immediately attracted. This person is like a vase, filled with a precious essence that plunges you into a state of wonder; they inspire you, broaden your horizons and reveal to you the beauty of heaven and earth. Thank the Lord for having met this person, and if you want your joy to last for a long time, try to keep some distance. Why? Because the space between two people, which may appear empty, is actually filled with subtle essences which are the best conductors of psychic energy; it is through this space that exchanges of harmony and light take place.

As long as there is a certain distance between you and the person you love, you can exchange energy, thanks to which you energise each other. Each time you meet, you will leave each other overflowing, pervaded by an extraordinary happiness, because keeping this distance creates the best conditions for communication between you. If you really take notice of this advice and try to apply it, your life will never be short of happy encounters because you will know how to appreciate them. You will truly know what love is.

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