Dive into the ocean of Light, Part 5/5

Peter Deunov

It is in the midst of light that you will find total fulfilment- ‘On the material plane we must be content with the possessions we have—but on the spiritual plane we must never be content; we must always be insatiably ambitious, always striving for the highest and most unattainable ideal: divine perfection.

We should want and ask for unlimited heavenly possessions. Yes, ask for one hundred per cent—so as to get at least one per cent. And the one thing you must ask for, above all others, is light. Ask that all your thoughts, all your feelings, everything you do and even your physical body be permeated, infused with light. Light… this one word sums up and condenses every imaginable good, all that is purest, most powerful, most beautiful and most sublime—God himself.

Swim and purity yourself in Light
One day when I was very young and had recently made the acquaintance of the Master Peter Deunov, I asked him, ‘Master, what is the best way to be in close touch with God while one is meditating?’ His answer was this: ‘The best way is to work with light, for light is an expression of divine splendour.

You have to concentrate on light and work with it. Steep yourself in it, rejoice in it. It is through light that we can be in contact with God.’ So, this is what I say to you, too. There is no work to equal the work with light. Light is a vibrant, pulsating ocean of life; you can dive into it, you can swim and purify yourself in it, you can drink it and be nourished by it. It is in the midst of light that you will find total fulfilment.

Light can be sensed in a person’s eyes and in their facial expression
At about the same time, the Master Peter Deunov was asked; ‘How can you tell whether someone is highly evolved or not?’ and the Master replied, ‘By the intensity of the light emanating from them.’ I was very young and this criterion was completely unknown to me at the time. But I was so struck by it that once I heard it I based the greater part of my life on it. Throughout my life, I too have found that one can judge people by the light emanating from them.

Of course, this light is not physically visible, but it can be sensed in a person’s eyes, in their facial expression, in the harmony of their gestures. It has nothing to do with their intellectual faculties or their education; it is a manifestation of divine life. And this is the light that we must hunger after and seek persistently, unremittingly, insatiably.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Izvor Book 231 The Seeds of Happiness
Chapter 4. A Philosophy of Effort

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