Divine Magic – The Akashic Record, Part 5/7

The First Great Law of Magic – The Law of Recording
It may be that you doubt the existence of God, that you believe neither in angels nor in devils, neither in heaven nor in hell, but there is one thing that no one should doubt, and that is that our thoughts, feelings and actions are all recorded both within us and outside us, that they all leave a trace.

The knowledge of this law is the basis of all moral and spiritual life for, if everything is recorded, we can no longer allow ourselves to do, think, feel or wish whatever we please without discrimination, for everything entails certain consequences. Of course, I realize that this idea is new to many.

Recording – nothing exists on earth that does not already exist in the invisible world
It is only normal that human beings, who are so intelligent, knowledgeable and technically advanced, should record things; we all know that. But how can nature record things? The truth is that nothing exists in the visible world that does not already exist in the invisible world.

Cosmic intelligence has pioneered in the field of recording. In fact It has gone much further than man; the recordings It makes are far subtler than anything man could hope to achieve. In order to safeguard Its archives, cosmic intelligence has recorded everything that has ever happened in the history of the universe. Every event that takes place reflects and leaves traces on all the objects in its vicinity, traces that can never be wiped out. It is these imprints that constitute what is known as the Akashic Record.

Our thoughts and feelings leave imprints, as well as our actions
We leave our imprint on everything we touch; in fact, even if we don’t actually touch anything, our mere presence, the emanations of our physical and astral bodies, is enough to leave a trace on our surroundings. Even when we do no more than pass through a place or meet people casually, we leave traces which may be good or bad, light or dark.

This is why it is so important to work on our thoughts and feelings so as to improve and purify them, because we know that it is not only by our actions that we do good or evil, but also by our thoughts and feelings.

By the Law of Attraction, evil thoughts attract hostile forces
So be reasonable and prudent and avoid committing any wrongful acts because, sooner or later, not only do such acts rise to the surface of your consciousness and oblige you to repent, but unpleasant phenomena and events can result from them. Yes, for not only is everything recorded but, by virtue of the law of affinity, evil recordings produce evil effects in both the visible and the invisible worlds. They disrupt the order of your atoms and electrons and attract hostile forces which, one day, will confront you.

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor Book 226, The Book of Divine Magic
Chapter Eleven: The Three Great Laws of Magic

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