Do not concern yourself with time…

Time has assumed an inordinate importance for human beings. Listen to them talking and you will hear the same phrases over and over again: ‘I do not have the time. How long will it take me? I want to save time…’ Well, in the spiritual life you must not be concerned with time. If you fix a time limit within which to overcome one of your weaknesses, or to obtain a certain psychic power or inner revelation, you will succeed only in becoming tense, and your development will not be harmonious.

You must work to perfect yourself without fixing any deadline, knowing that eternity lies before you and that one day, inevitably, you will gain the perfection you wish for. You must concern yourself only with the beauty of the work you have undertaken, saying to yourself: ‘Since it is so beautiful, I won’t worry about whether it will take me hundreds or thousands of years to get there: I am working, that is what counts.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor Book 238, The Faith that Moves Mountains

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