English version of ‘Message to my friends’ from the Master (recorded in 1953 at the Bonfin)

« To all my friends near and far who have consciously participated – and who participate still – in the magnificent work of the Universal White Brotherhood, I send a heartfelt; ‘Posdrav i privet’ for their constant joy and happiness (Greetings and warmest wishes).

‘Posdrav i privet’ to all my friends, my brothers and sisters, who have heard and followed the inner call to welcome the new life that come to us from the celestial regions: to all those who live this life and transmit to other beings who yearn for pure spring water, for the vivifying air of the mountains, for the luminous rays of the sun, so that the world may at last be a great, luminous family living together in understanding and peace.
The Golden Age of the Poets is not a fable. The Golden Age once existed. God once dwelt among men, and human beings lived by the laws of love, kindness and harmony.

Everything is possible to wills that are strong and resolute, minds illuminated and instructed in the laws of wisdom, hearts aflame with the sacred fire of divine life, souls as immense as the universe and spirits that are powerful and one with God.

Nothing is more beautiful or more glorious than to participate in this noble, grandiose work of our elder brothers under the guidance of he who gave the supreme example saying: « All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… teaching them to obey everything that I have commended you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age. »

‘Pozdrav i privet’ to all my friends, my beloved brothers and sisters, who have kept alive the flame of hope, faith and love in their heart in spite of all obstacles, in the face of all adversities encountered on the path to the highest summits of spiritual mountains, who have kept their faith and trust in the power of gentleness and love to neutralize all the acids and poisons of human hearts, who have continued to believe in the potency and efficiency of goodness and its magical power to relieve, console and transform the human heart.

‘Pozdrav i privet’ to my friends far and near who, tirelessly, and with constancy, joy, trust, love and courage, have walked the rocky path toward the promised land. To those who, in spite of the storms and tempests unleashed against them, in spite of poisonous insects and ferocious beasts, have followed – and continue to follow – this path through arid deserts, skirting precipices and bottomless pits, toward the land where flow rivers of living waters, where flowers of divine beauty bloom, where delicious sweet-scented fruits ripen, where birds sing in heavenly harmony and where all men live as brothers. It is to these beautiful land that selfless love leads.

The sun is luminous and is already rising over the world. The air is pure; space is infinite; the spirit is immortal. God is eternal; his beauty is inexpressible; his bounty is inexhaustible; his wisdom is unfathomable and his love is all-powerful!
‘Posdrav i privet to all! »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – 1953

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