Evening Ceremony around the Fire

– Look at fire as though you were seeing it for the first time
And now, you must no longer come to this ceremony of fire as though it were no more than a beautiful spectacle; try to participate in it with your whole being.  Some very beautiful and very powerful creatures live in fire: not only salamanders, the fire spirits, but many human beings, who have been freed from their physical bodies, delight in steeping themselves in fire in order to continue to purify themselves.

Look at those impetuous strands of flame streaming from the fire with such force. What a glorious sight! Perhaps water is condensed fire soaking into the depths of the earth, and fire is blazing water leaping towards the heights. Look at those swarms of sparks; they are like the millions of sperm that a man discharges into a woman to fertilize her.
Fire projects a multitude of sparks into space in order to fertilize certain beings and bring others to birth. Fire is a prolific tree that produces an abundance of seeds, and each seed, in turn, produces other trees.

feu bonfin

You should always look at fire as though you were seeing it for the first time. This will help you to understand all the greatest mysteries of life. Have you looked at those burning branches? Some people see the shape of a bird in them, or a fierce beast, a face or a flower. Each one of you should learn to look and try to understand the meaning that these forms have for you, for fire speaks to each one of us differently. it can bring you revelations or a message or foretell the future.

The entities that dwell in fire watch you as you gaze into it, and, as they are extremely receptive to the interest and love of human beings, they may approach you to guide and help you. The fact that you cannot hear or understand them makes no difference; what they tell you will be recorded in your subconscious, and, one day, when conditions are favourable, you will suddenly be enlightened or have an intuitive insight into something. This is why it is useful to spend such moments round the fire.

This was how the ancients learned the secrets of nature. They would pause by a spring, for instance, and stay there for hours, listening to its gentle murmur and watching the cool, crystal-clear water sparkling in the light. In this way, little by little, they entered into a state of communion with the soul of water, the soul of the spring. And you can do the same with fire; even if you think that you understand nothing, it does not matter. What does matter is that you open yourself to this communion, for, in this way, you will be opening your subtle centres, which will put you in touch with the life of nature. 

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
The Fruits of the Tree of Life, The Cabbalistic Tradition 

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