Evolution as it applies to sexuality

Sometimes one gets the impression that the more one explains the question of love from the initiatic point of view, the less human beings understand it. Why is this? It is simply because for thousands and thousands of years they have been endlessly repeating the same patterns of behaviour, the same practices.

They seem unable to imagine that nature could have planned that one sort of human sexual behaviour would be valid for a certain period of time, but that she should then wish to lead them away from those earlier patterns to the discovery of other, more elevated, more spiritual and far more beautiful manifestations.

When one talks to them about this higher concept of love, they reply that if they are no longer allowed to satisfy their sexual needs they will die, because that is what makes them live. Yes, of course. That is what makes the roots live, but the flowers at the top of the tree are dying. So, it all depends on the person and their degree of evolution.

Human beings have been designed to evolve in all possible ways, so why should they not evolve in this area, the area of love? And this nobler conception, this more highly evolved manifestation of love consists in sublimating sexual energy and channelling it up to one’s head, to feed the brain and give it the power it needs to produce its own marvellous creations.

Love is a divine force which comes to us from on high, and we should, therefore, respect and cherish it and even do what we can to direct it back towards heaven, instead of wasting it and letting it drain away into the sewers where it is sucked up and used by larvae and elementals.

Until humans know about all the ways in which this force could be used for gigantic spiritual achievements they will continue to waste it, and this is why they are more and more indigent, and more and more like animals. Everyone knows that sexual energy tends to go in one direction, but very few even know that it is possible to channel it in another direction, or are interested in trying to do so.

Most people experience sexual energy as a terrible tension which they feel they must relieve. So they get rid of it without realising that, in doing so, they are losing something very precious, a quintessence which they burn up mindlessly, simply for the pleasure they get out of it, whereas they could have used it to achieve a veritable regeneration of their whole being.

Think of man as a skyscraper, fifty or a hundred storeys high, and that will help you to understand that that tension is necessary, because a lot of pressure is needed to pump enough water all the way to the top floor to supply those who live up there, so that they can wash, drink, water their flowers etc. Without that tension the water would never get all the way up to the top.

If human beings realized what this tension really was and if they knew how to set about it, they could use it to provide food and drink for their brain-cells, for it is an energy which can be pumped all the way up to the brain through the channels which intelligent nature has designed especially for this purpose.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor book 221, True Alchemy or the Quest for Perfection
Chapter 13, The sublimation of sexual energy

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