Explaining the Etheric Plane and Akasha, Part 2/5

The Sun and the planets actually touch each other –
‘The sun is very far from the earth, millions of miles away, and yet we can feel its presence, here on earth, as it touches and warms and heals us. How can it be so far away and, at the same time, so near? It is by means of the quintessence emanating from it, by means of its rays, that the sun touches us.

The sun and the planets actually touch each other – The light and warmth of the sun caress and kiss and penetrate us so that we become one with it. And since the light and warmth of the sun are, really and truly, the sun itself, it is also true to say – as I have already told you, a long time ago – that the sun and the planets actually touch each other.

Ether, the Etheric Plane – Akasha
I know that you half believed this and half doubted it, but perhaps you will have a little more faith in what I tell you, when I say that, last month, I came across an article by an astronomer who said exactly the same thing. Do you want to know how I found it out for myself? It is very simple. Look at our planet: it consists of dry land and, over parts of that land, there is water. Over the water is a layer of air, and above the air is the ether, or what the Hindus call Akasha.

The ether, therefore, is a subtler state of matter and it is on this etheric plane that we can say that the planets touch each other. They are joined, not on the level of their solid, physical dimension, but on the level of their subtle dimension, the level of their souls. This explains why astrology has always believed in the influence of the planets and constellations.

The same applies between men and women
And, now, let’s study those miniature planets called man and woman. What is it that happens between them? Here is a young man and, there, a girl, and they are in love. They look at each other and smile. If we look at the situation from a materialistic point of view, we would have to say, ‘Here are two bodies, quite separate and distinct.

They are not touching each other, therefore there is no point of communication between them.’ But, from a spiritual point of view, we would see things differently. We would say that, since the souls of these two young people are in communion with each other, they are really and truly joined by means of their fluids and emanations, exactly as the rays of two suns meet and unite in space.’

To be continued

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Volume 12, Cosmic Moral Law
Chapter 3, Creative activity as a means of evolution

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