Finding your Soulmate

Even after several disasters and disappointments, how many of you insist on believing it is not your understanding of love that is defective; it is simply that you haven’t met your soulmate yet! As if happiness were just about meeting someone… Unfortunately, that is not how things happen: a soulmate does not appear as a man or woman you meet by chance and it’s love at first sight. The meeting with your soulmate is, first and foremost, a psychic process, whereby the higher part of you attracts its complementary part.

You need to have worked for a long time and shown yourself worthy of your divine half. But when you have finally established the connection, you feel him or her there, living inside you. Do you truly wish to find your soulmate? Begin by not going looking for them. Concentrate on the light, and your soulmate will come of their own accord, attracted by the light they see shining from you. You may not know where your soulmate is, but they know where you are. Be content just to wait inwardly: they will come.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works Vol 14, Love and Sexuality

Image: « Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss », by Canova (originals in the Louvre and Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg)

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