God Transcends Good and Evil, Final

– Be grateful to God for having created you just as you are
The greatest tragedies of mankind are not caused by something intrinsically evil that appears out of nowhere, but by the misconceptions of human beings who have decided to label certain things ‘good’, because they please them, and other things ‘evil’, because they displease them. And because the things that please some people often displease others – and vice versa – the problem is never solved. You will never get everybody to agree about what good and evil really are.

Just as good is not identical with God, so, too, qualities and virtues do not have a value that is absolute. It is true that many people possess great virtues, but what do they do with them? Nothing! And then there are others who have all kinds of faults but who are determined to improve, and because they work day after day to perfect themselves, they become capable of great achievements. Perhaps if they did not have so many faults they would never do anything. Yes, it is true.

Many people have accomplished great deeds by working to overcome their defects, while those with great gifts are often so self-satisfied that they accomplish nothing. Well, there is one thing that you must understand, and that is that heaven cares not one jot for what you are; it is only interested in what you do with what you are.

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And this means that this third authority that knows how to use both our strengths and our weaknesses must be present within each one of us. This third authority is our higher self. The only thing that is really important is the work we do on ourselves so that our weaknesses as well as our strengths may be at the service of a high ideal.

A great many people lament the baseness of human nature which bears within itself the seeds of evil. But it is no good lamenting; the important thing is to work. All your faults – vanity, pride, anger, jealousy, sensuality – must be put to work. This is the only way to look at it, the only solution. So it is the work that counts. You must not worry about anything else; your qualities, like your defects, are secondary. Once you know what the ideal work is and make up your mind to devote yourself to it whole-heartedly, both your defects and your qualities will become excellent servants.

In conclusion, let me urge you to stop asking why heaven allows evil to exist. Heaven allows everything to exist because it uses everything. And you, too, must learn how to use these two aspects, good and evil, in your work. You must be like chemists, who discard nothing but have learned to use all the substances in their laboratories, even poisons. A laboratory must contain a little of everything. A chemist can be a model for you. Your inner laboratory contains purity and impurity, light and darkness, elements that drag you down and others that raise you up, and you have to learn to use all this to realize God’s plans. So never try to destroy what is in you; be grateful to God for having created you just as you are, and set to work.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Cosmic Balance: The Secret of Polarity

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  1. Sam 09/08/2015 at 20:18 - Reply

    This is such a huge topic, and so hard to get ones head around the need for evil to exist. I often ask why it is allowed to happen, what is it’s purpose, how are we supposed to accept or understand it at all. After reading a bit here, I can understand how there are opposite poles to maybe everything, which then allows for balance in the end, but I am still disheartened by the pain suffered from evil doings, so still too hard to fully accept at this point. Therefore, I know there is a lot more work to be done…..

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