Harmony attracts luminous entities

« If you work to beautify, enrich and harmonize everything within
you, not only will you feel at home in yourself, but you will
also be able to receive guests in this magnificent dwelling.

Yes, luminous spirits will be delighted to come and visit you!
Notice what happens when you receive friends: if you entertain
them well in pleasant surroundings, offering them a delicious
meal, a stroll and a concert, won’t they want to come again?

Well, it is the same with the luminous entities of the invisible
world. They too are your friends, and if they find in you a
dwelling where beauty, harmony and purity reign, they will come
and pay you a visit, or perhaps settle permanently, and it is
you who will benefit from their presence. »

#Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov – Izvor book 225, Harmony and Health,

Painting by Nicholas Roerich, « Sacred Caves »

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