Harmony – Nutrition on different planes, Part 6/7

‘Nutrition does not apply only to the physical body’
‘Nutrition is the foundation of life and it is important to pay attention to what one eats
.  It is a vast subject: the whole question is how to nourish oneself. Naturally, I recommend a healthy, vegetarian diet, (* A vegetarian diet which excludes only meat and meat products, but allows eggs, dairy products and even fish).

Doctors have recently sounded the alarm because people eat too much sugar, too much salt and too much fat. So one of the first qualities to acquire is prudence, moderation, and this is why I cannot endorse the attitude of those who exaggerate the importance of diet. Some say that one should only eat cereals, others want us to eat nothing but fruit, etc., and we should never touch a drop of wine, tea or coffee! No, that is exaggerated. You have to be reasonable, that’s all.

It is up to each person to decide what they need according to their health and their own particular temperament. It is not really my role to give you detailed advice on this score; there are others who are better qualified to do so.

To my mind, it is more important to realize that nutrition does not apply only to the physical body. True, the survival of the physical body depends on having enough food, but the heart, mind, soul and spirit also need food and it is because human beings don’t know this, that they no longer know the meaning of life.

Life is nothing more than an endless exchange between the universe and the tiny atoms that we represent. Cosmic life flows into human beings who impregnate it with their own emanations before sending it back into the universe. Once again, they absorb this life and, once again, they return it. And it is this ongoing exchange between man and the universe that we call nutrition, that we call respiration and that we also call love. Life is an exchange between two worlds, and they who refuse to exchange die.

We have to exchange with the earth in order to live on the physical plane; we have to exchange with water in order to live on the astral plane, the plane of the heart; we have to exchange with air in order to live on the mental plane, the plane of the mind, and we have to exchange with heat and light in order to live on the plane of soul and spirit.

But I wonder if you can have any conception of what the cosmic dimension of nutrition represents, of the fact that human beings must seek the nourishment needed by their different bodies in different regions of the universe. Try to understand this and you will begin to sense that the universe is one immense symphony.’
To be continued…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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