Healing while you sleep

If you realized what an immense population of entities and cells dwells within you, you would take great pride. There are billions and billions of them—more than the total population of the world. And let me tell you that some Initiates have been so successful in educating the entities within them, that the entities are now capable of working by themselves: they go and help, console and heal their master’s friends and disciples. Sometimes, indeed, they take on the appearance of the Initiate, and this is why people think that it was he who visited them whereas, in fact, he is often the last to learn that he has helped someone.

Yes, human beings too can strengthen their inner entities if they work intelligently and consciously. If you respect and appreciate all these intelligent workers who live within you, when they see that you treat them with love and gratitude, they will do their work magnificently and you will always feel healthy and even-tempered; nothing will be lacking.


If disciples make up their mind to work in this direction, therefore, Heaven takes them under Its wing and the entities that inhabit them give them more and more help and support. There are even doctors and healers amongst these entities who take care of their  health. The fact that certain people can reach a very great age without falling ill shows that some of their inner entities look after their health, for health does not depend only on our organs; it depends on the entities that live in them and animate them. And, if these entities are weak or become paralysed, it only remains for us to put ourselves in the hands of the pharmacists, doctors and surgeons. And there is no telling whether or not they will be capable of healing us or prolonging our life!

This is exactly what goes on at night when, without our being aware of it, thousands of entities work to help our organism to rid itself of its toxins and replenish its forces. If these entities are absent or if they are hindered in their work, you will not be refreshed, even after a night’s sleep. If you always rely on external means instead of turning to these intelligent entities, if you never ask them to help you or show them the appreciation they need to do their work properly, you can spend your life in pursuit of healing but, as you don’t understand what it really means nor who it is that heals, you will never achieve it.

Yes, the external world in which we live contains all kinds of lessons that we must learn to decipher. If a machine breaks down, it takes a mechanic to get it working again. In the same way, our organs have to be repaired and kept in working order by living entities. A person’s organs can be in good shape but, if those who animate them have been ordered to leave, they die. The engine stops working, even though its organs are intact — and this can be seen in the fact that the organs of a dead body can be transplanted into someone else’s body. It is simply that those who kept the machine running have left, so it has stopped. But suppose it had been decreed that people should live for two or three hundred years, their organs would continue to function because they would constantly be fuelled and kept alive by new particles and new entities.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Izvor Book 225, Harmony and Health
Complete Works Vol. 25, Chapter 7, A New Dawn

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