The Human Soul – a minute part of the Universal Soul

The human soul is a minute part of the Universal Soul, and it feels so limited, so confined, in the physical body that its greatest wish is to spread out in space and merge with it. And so it is wrong to think, as people usually do, that the soul is wholly contained within a human being. No, in reality, only a very small part of the soul is found within; almost all of it remains outside and leads an independent life in the cosmic ocean.

It is important to be clear about the nature and activity of the soul. So, you should know that the spiritual principle we call the soul is not enclosed in the physical body. The soul extends well beyond the physical body, and while it continues to give life to the body it also travels to visit the furthest reaches of space and the entities that live there. Our soul is much more than we imagine it to be: this part of the Universal Soul in us never ceases to reach out into space, immensity, infinity.

Izvor Book 213, Man’s Two Natures – Human and Divine


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