Humanity is a living organism

Humanity is like a body where each country is an organ composed of living and working cells: but these ‘organs’ in mankind are not inspired by the same intelligence, the same disinterestedness as are the organs of the physical body, because each country works for itself at the expense of its neighbour. The functioning of the human body was designed by a sublime intelligence, while that of humanity is the design/ work of human intelligence. This is why things do not work well. This body is sick, and dying…

Therefore, we should follow the example of the human being created by nature and study the way it functions, when it is healthy, and when it is in poor health, and understand that the same rules apply to the whole of humanity.
When the brain is happy, or when the heart is joyful, even your feet feel good : you feel that your feet are happy, even your toes participate in this joy. Whereas if the feet are a little cold, then your  poor nose starts sneezing ; your feet are  cold, your nose sneezes! Do you need more examples?

So… when an organ is happy,  all the other organs feel good and rejoice. And when an organ is obstructed, the other poor organs also feel obstructed. Only human beings rejoice when a country is obstructed, because they are bad cells and poor organs.

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