« I am like Stradivari », Part 6/7

Unlike some teachers who ensconce themselves in remote retreats or who surround themselves with an air of impenetrability, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov was always accessible to his disciples. He traded in heavenly goods and was always hoping that some of his disciples would seriously want to shop at his divine store. He worked hard to get at least a few individuals to utterly commit themselves to the spiritual process, as he had done.

One day he offered the following simile:

“Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, I am like Antonio Stradivari, I want to make violins; but these violins cannot be made with just any wood or any varnish, because I want to make violins on which Heaven can play—I want to make some capable brothers and sisters. Otherwise, I am wasting my time. Everybody has a goal in life, and my goal is not to attract just anybody here, but to prepare some workers for the Kingdom of God.

He spared no efforts in bringing about such a transformation in his disciples. His patience was seemingly inexhaustible. Although his teaching was motivated by love and compassion, he was yet quite capable of sternly reprimanding faltering disciples. As he explained:

“A Master’s task is not merely to manifest much love and tenderness. He must also be severe on his disciples by telling them certain truths for their progress and advancement. It is hard luck if what he says does not please the disciples!

If I worried about your reactions and your opinions of me, I would get nothing done at all. Some of you have told me that when I showed you your weaknesses, you detested me. It does not affect me at all if I am detested, because I have a good thick skin, but if I am to help you, I am obliged to shake you up.”

Extract from The Mystery of Light by Georg Feuerstein
Chapter2. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov: Visionary, Teacher and Healer

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