Some important truths revealed

Ideas to demolish antiquated notions
Humans will never succeed in establishing peace and order in society if they continue to act in contradiction to the divine laws, in contradiction to the principles that govern the structure of the universe. It is impossible! I want to uproot these false notions from your minds.

The Master Peter Deunov said to me one day, ‘You are the great demolisher’. And what do I demolish? Your old, antiquated notions. And if there are still some who hope to succeed in life without the light and through the use of violence, let me demolish that hope once and for all: if they continue to cling to it, it will be their downfall. In fact, you will see this; everyone, beginning with themselves, will see it.

A lecture to revolutionise the consciousness of humanity
This lecture could revolutionize the consciousness of humanity. Yes, because light is the most powerful revolutionary force that exists. No force is more revolutionary than the light. Many highly evolved beings have avoided speaking about these things because they knew how narrow-minded and limited human beings were and how dangerous it would be to reveal truths that were so far beyond their grasp, so they refused to enlighten the masses. But the time has come, now, for the whole of mankind to know these truths…

To be sure, politicians can pull the wool over people’s eyes and prevent them from detecting their true motives with well-chosen words and gestures, noble phrases and speeches about the safety of the fatherland, the happiness of its citizens, true justice, etc., etc. But the reality? Well, the reality is not for public consumption: as you can well imagine, if they showed themselves as they really were and made no secret of their lust for power and so on, no one would accept their leadership. They know that. That is why they bluff and lie and pretend to be what they are not.

The Age of Aquarius will bring with it the teaching of brotherhood
I know very well that at this time the system I bring you has little chance of being either understood or applied. But conditions are going to change and, before long, no one will be able to stop these truths from spreading. No one! The Age of Aquarius is coming closer and bringing with it its Teaching of brotherhood.

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Complete Works Volume 25, A New Dawn, Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

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