Our Intellect cannot reveal the whole of Reality

Image: Sahasrara (Sanskrit: सहस्रार), the Crown Chakra, the Third-Eye

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The outer dimension of the sphere is the domain of the intellect; the inner dimension is the domain of the heart, of feeling. When you look at things only from the intellectual point of view, you can classify and analyse them but you cannot feel them. Whereas, if you look at them from the point of view of your feelings, you may be touched and moved by them, but you will not know their external manifestations. Neither the subconscious nor self-consciousness can reveal the whole truth; only the super-conscious, cosmic consciousness, is capable of doing that.

The subconscious draws energy and knowledge from the depths of creation, from the roots, the basic instincts of man; self-consciousness draws them from shapes and appearances. Only a third point of view which combines the two, can reveal the whole of reality. It is this third point of view which men must now cultivate.

Everyone is more or less prejudiced in their opinions; no wonder, in these conditions, that people make so many mistakes. Depending on his personal tastes and inclinations, each one sees only one aspect of reality; no wonder they have such difficulty understanding each other and living harmoniously together!

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works, Vol. 1, The Second Birth, Love, Wisdom, Truth

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  1. Sam 02/20/2016 at 19:25 - Reply

    Intellect and feeling – to have an insight of both at the same time – I like this goal! It does seem that our society places too much emphasis on intellect. Time for some balance between the two, and strengthening of intuition….?

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