Our joys and sorrows are linked to the presence of invisible creatures

‘The whole of our existence is governed and permeated by the invisible world. Even our sensations of well-being and joy—as, equally, those of pain and sorrow—are linked to the presence of invisible creatures that have been attracted to us by the way we live. For my part, I believe in the invisible world; in fact, I believe only in that.
Image: Common cold virus under a microscope

If you were clairvoyant you would see these creatures

You will say, ‘We can’t see them, so they don’t exist.’ Just a minute. Would you ask a blind person to make a judgment about something they cannot see? If you were clairvoyant you would see them; you would see, for instance, that, every time you experience a great joy, throngs of winged creatures come to you, laden with gifts of light and wreathing trails of scintillating colours and delicious perfumes as they sing and dance around you.

Similarly, if you were clairvoyant, you would see the horrid twisted features of the entities that delight in pulling your hair, pricking and clawing at you, when you are anxious or in distress. Esoteric tradition tells us that these are the undesirable entities that prowl round human beings looking for one that offers them the chance of some sport. Yes, this is what is happening when you are unhappy and feeling tormented.

By our way of life we attract benevolent or malevolent entities

Of course, today’s intellectual and medical bigwigs could not possibly admit that human beings are visited by benevolent or malevolent entities. They think that when the functions of the human psyche are either disturbed or enhanced, it is due to the presence of certain chemical elements.

That is true, but where do these chemical elements come from? They are simply a materialization of the benevolent or malevolent spirits that people attract to themselves. If, through their faults and failings, human beings open their doors to the spirits of darkness, these spirits will enter and play havoc with them. Psychologists and psychoanalysts have all sorts of names for the resulting disorders, but the truth is that they all have one and the same cause: the undesirable entities that have been attracted by our imperfect way of life.

False explanations based on our five senses

These facts are fully explained in all the sacred scriptures of the world, and clairvoyants have seen them for themselves, but until men develop the spiritual faculties that would permit them to become familiar with the invisible world, and as long as they go on doubting the truths taught by initiatic science, they will go on forming philosophies based exclusively on the testimony of their five senses, and inevitably, the conclusions they draw from these philosophies will be false.

The question of the existence of undesirable entities may seem a little clearer to you if you think about the microscopic organisms that continually threaten and kill human beings. How long is it since a biologist first found a microbe, virus, bacillus or bacterium under their microscope? Hardly more than a century… Before this, human diseases were attributed to the most improbable causes. At least, today, we know that illnesses are caused by these tiny living organisms, even though we may not know everything about them: the consequences of their presence—illness and death—is only too obvious.

Our microscopes cannot detect the viruses of the astral and mental planes

The pattern of events on the physical plane is the same as those on the astral and mental planes, and here, too, the results are obvious: anxiety, mental torment, obsessions and madness. The only thing is that there are no microscopes sufficiently sophisticated to detect the virus of the astral and mental planes.

If human beings are so well informed about the reality of everything, why are they constantly subject to trouble and distress? The only solution is to turn back to the wisdom that has been so neglected and despised and begin, at long last, to transform your lives.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 228, Looking into the Invisible, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams
Chapter 1, The Visible and the Invisible

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  1. Chef Jemichel 06/11/2016 at 06:34 - Reply

    Greetings All!

    As you may already know I have the deepest gratitude for these teachings. And, we are still discovering and learning about the world/s we live in, adding to the knowledge hat was available to Omraam at his time. Apparently Pasteur finally admitted (supposedly on his death bed) that Claude Bernard was right: « The microbe is nothing, the terrain is what’s important ». :

    The « terrain » is what each individual has as their potential « kingdom » to reign within – if only they knew!

    • JohnU 06/14/2016 at 10:17 - Reply

      Hello Chef, nice to hear from you again, and thank you for this wise observation. As you say, the ‘terrain’ is indeed a critical element! And to me the posts over the last few days confirm that the Master shared this view. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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