Laughter – its benefits

« Laughter is not necessarily synonymous with superficiality, carelessness or a lack of seriousness, and it can even have a more beneficial effect on the mind than the grave expression which some think characteristic of sages. For laughter contains lively energies that nourish the brain.
Laughing also allows us to recover and to bounce back. Events occur in every person’s life that don’t at first lend themselves to laughter, it’s true. We have to admit this, and it is normal to be distressed or saddened at first. But if you get into the habit of seeing the funny side of certain situations that confront you, it is easier not to be overwhelmed.
Never deprive yourself of laughter; it is a powerful tool for maintaining inner balance and making life lighter.
Besides, you must have observed the fact that where difficulties and incidents affected you at first, later, when you think about them again or have to speak of them, you mainly see their funny side. »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
The Laughter of a Sage, Izvor 243

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