Laughter can comfort those who suffer

The Master Peter Deunov

The Sage’s lamp is filled with Joy-
True wisdom is neither sad nor gloomy, as many imagine it to be, for in true wisdom there is also love: heart and mind work together. The sage’s lamp does not just project the cold light of the rational mind, picking up and highlighting the smallest of imperfections; it shines, but at the same time it spreads warmth and love, and that is why it is joyful. Yes, the sage’s lamp is filled with joyfulness, just like the sun.

Children instinctively understand something very important: they sense that there is joyfulness in the light of the sun. Just as there is also joyfulness in the dancing flame of a lamp.

The laughter of one who has freed themself
But how much suffering and torment humans have to go through, how many inner battles they have to fight to taste the joy of the light, that feeling they experience when all the conflicts that were tearing them apart have been resolved in harmony! Their laugh then becomes one of victory: they have managed to rise above the raging elements and tame them.

This is what the sage’s laughter means. And it is why through his laughter he can comfort beings who suffer. From time to time I think back to Master Peter Deunov’s laugh: he laughed like a child, and sometimes tears even came to his eyes. When he laughed like that, we felt he was so close to us, like a friend, a brother! The laughter of a sage is the expression of a being who has freed themselves.

The material realm can rob us of our joyfulness
Why do humans continue to create unnecessary limitations and burdens for themselves? They lose their joyfulness, because they sink deep into the material realm. Many travellers who visit very poor countries are often surprised to see so many smiling faces, when people in wealthy countries look so gloomy. Of course, yes, contrary to what one might imagine, material abundance does not make people any happier. They have become prisoners of the artificial world they have created for themselves.

Don’t allow the distress of others to affect you
And you, what must you do if someone comes to talk to you about their disappointments and sorrows? Until you are able, like the sage, to calm them down just by laughing, remember one thing: those who come to you to entrust you with their suffering often do so not so much to find a solution, but to get you to share the state they are in.

If you want to help someone, do not allow their distress to affect you. Stay clear-headed, peaceful and strong – this is the only way you can rescue them. You may say they will be annoyed if you do not share in their misfortune. That may be the case, but don’t let it worry you. Be aware of the fact that when you provide support for people in their negative states, you can only satisfy their lower nature. And the lower nature never remains satisfied for very long, for it is insatiable: a bottomless pit.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Extract from a lecture contained in…

Izvor Book 204, The Laughter of a Sage
Chapter 7, The Sage’s lamp is filled with joyfulness

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