Lessons from Cosmic Intelligence

– In the School of Life…
You must avoid exposing yourself to the sort of suffering that limits you; the law of evolution makes no provision for this suffering. It isn’t God who sends this to people; it is they themselves, in their ignorance, who create it and who multiply it by repeating their mistakes. They complain, they wail, but if someone delivers them from this suffering they always manage to attract more. Peace and serenity are foreign to them; they are bored and don’t know how to fill their time, and they rush back to activities that will make them suffer once again.

You must learn to distinguish between two kinds of suffering, so that you are able to avoid the kind that indicates you have taken the wrong path and, on the other hand, to accept the kind you necessarily encounter as you advance on the path of good. Of course, at the time you are suffering it isn’t always easy to discern the nature of this suffering, nor whether it is constructive or destructive. But you know the criteria, and if you have learnt to analyse yourself you will quickly realize which is which.

On earth no one is spared, precisely because it is earth, and very specific conditions apply here. So we must learn how best to avoid being crushed by events and instead master them and draw from them what is best for our evolution. There are more difficulties to be dealt with on the mental plane than on the astral plane, and more on the astral plane than on the physical plane. The difference is that obstacles on the physical plane are visible, tangible, palpable and obvious. But in fact everything begins on the plane of thought, so this is where we must begin to try to resolve problems, not on the physical plane, where they have already materialized.

So begin by deciding never to complain, never to believe that destiny is bent on your destruction. Suppose you want to climb a mountain. Could you reach the summit if the slopes of this mountain were smooth? No, it would be impossible to get a foothold anywhere, and you would slip. It is thanks to the rough places that you manage to hoist yourself to the top.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor Book 242 – The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy,

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