The Life Beyond – everything in our life is recorded, Part 5/5

‘But let me get back to the most important: whether or not we believe in the life of the soul after death, without our knowing it, everything we do is recorded. Nature does much more wonderful things than even the most skilled electronic engineer: at the apex of each human’s heart, she places a tiny spool of magnetic tape, no bigger than an atom, which records everything they do throughout their life.

When they leave this world, they leave their physical body behind but they take this tiny reel of tape with them, and their judges invite them to watch it with them so that they can see every detail of the life they have just lived.

On the Astral plane we are not protected by our physical body
Yes, no one can escape from this law: everything in life is recorded; we have to clear on the astral plane the transgressions committed here below, and we feel everything with far greater intensity because we are no longer protected by our physical body.

There is nothing worse than to be naked and vulnerable on the astral plane, for one feels the thoughts and feelings of the living as a direct attack, as though they were biting, piercing and burning us.

On the Causal plane we become invulnerable
Even the mourning and tears of those left behind on earth are a torment for the dead. It is only when they reach the Causal plane that they become invulnerable and nothing can affect them any more; they are at the centre of a magic circle of light and nothing can enter this circle if they do not want it to.

The things that concern the soul and the spirit are truly extraordinary, and you, who are in an Initiatic School, will learn a great deal if you are sufficiently patient and persevering.

Do not be seduced by frivolous trivialities
But I must warn you to be careful: if you allow yourselves to be seduced by frivolous trivialities and abandon the treasures of the spiritual dimension for the sake of the petty pleasures of everyday life, when the time comes for you to move on to the next world your mental and astral bodies become deformed and distorted.

In this way you put so many obstacles in the way of your own evolution that you lack the elements that would make you sensitive to the divine world, and you are going to have to work hard in order to acquire them.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

The Seven Bodies of Man explanation

Complete Works Volume 32, The Fruits of the Tree of Life – The Cabbalistic Tradition
Chapter 15, Death and the Life Beyond

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