The Life Beyond – near death experiences, Part 3/5

The physical body is a good, solid fortress, but when one leaves it at the time of death, every transgression of the laws of love, wisdom and truth has to be paid for on the astral plane.

I assure you, I am not inventing anything: all the great Masters of mankind have told us this; the greatest artists, painters and poets have portrayed this world in their works of art, and people who have been clinically dead for three or four days have returned to tell us what they had seen in the astral world. Heaven allows a few people to have experiences of this kind from time to time in order to remind human beings of certain truths and persuade them to mend their ways.

The Lower Astral Plane can be difficult
After death, therefore, human beings have to suffer, on the astral plane, all the evil they have inflicted on others. It is not that Cosmic Intelligence needs to revenge Itself or punish them; all It wants is that they be fully conscious of what they did on earth because, very often, they have inflicted suffering on others without even realizing it, and it is this ignorance that is unacceptable, for it prevents them from evolving.

The time spent on this level depends on the gravity of our faults. Some, who have never committed any serious crimes, pass through this stage very rapidly; others have to suffer for years and years.

On the Higher Astral Plane we realize the good we did on earth
Once this period is over we rise to the first level of the higher astral plane where we experience an extraordinary state of joy and wonderment because of the happiness we have given to others on earth. At this point it is time for us to experience all that we have ever done to help and encourage others, to restore their hope and awaken their faith and love.

We experience all this, amplified to an infinite degree, on the astral plane. And it is only then that we fully realize what we did on earth. Certain highly evolved beings do good to others without knowing how many people receive joy, happiness and life through their actions: they do it instinctively, without conscious thought. But Cosmic Intelligence wants every human being to be fully conscious so, after death, these unconscious benefactors are astounded to see, feel and understand all the good they have done.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued…

Complete Works Volume 32, The Fruits of the Tree of Life – The Cabbalistic Tradition
Chapter 15, Death and the Life Beyond

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