How the acorn has grown… the brotherhood centre near Montreal, Canada

LM pic 2015‘In 1984, Omraam  Mikhaël Aïvanhov visited us in Quebec, Canada and I had the opportunity to meet him again when I presented a project for a small fraternal community for which I was the spokesperson. He chose the more beautiful of two sites I had found and expanded the project to include the entire Canadian brotherhood. The land we bought near Sherbrooke became the National Centre Blagoslovénié (“All blessings”in Bulgarian).’

Louise-Marie Frenette

Blagoslovénié  today

Established on a former golf course and covering more than one hundred acres this fraternal centre is intersected by numerous wooded paths and has seven small lakes. Blagoslovénié is graced by the diversity of its land and vegetation, described by the Master as magnificent and vivifying. A feeling of peace and renewal satisfies and delights those who come here, whatever the season. Dells, glades and little valleys, clearings and thickets charm the nature lover, each unique in colour and atmosphere, ever changing. On their promenades, walkers can experience its special aspects and sense the silent presence of the elements of nature.


At its high point, the land presides over a vast panorama and the rising sun, with the Appalachian Mountains in the far distance. Solidly situated on bedrock, Blagoslovénié is also blessed with several underground springs, perfect symbols of the life flowing in abundance here. Read more.

Sustainable, organic agriculture

For thirty years the Canadian brotherhood has engaged in responsible, organic agriculture within an ecological framework. Plant selection, crop rotation, companion species and natural fertilizers are among the choices and labour-intensive processes that ensure a way of life respectful of nature. Help from the collectivity with soil preparation and work in the fields, gardens and greenhouses is also of great benefit from several perspectives.

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