Living with the intensity of Light

Light travels through space at about 300,000 kilometres a second; this means that it moves faster than anything else we know in the whole of the physical world. Why is it that Cosmic Intelligence has endowed light with a greater capacity for speed than anything else?  Nothing can equal the speed of light, and it is this that gives it a tremendous superiority over everything else. Yes, because speed is a criterion of perfection which is not confined to purely technical things. Light is unencumbered, disinterested, totally without selfish thoughts or desires, this is why it can move so fast: it always comes in first!

light angel

If you are interested in exploring the human heart, the wide universe, all the wealth of the universal Soul, you must know that you can only do so on condition that you are capable of acting with the speed and intensity of light. From the mineral to the human kingdoms and beyond, through all the angelic hierarchies all the way to the throne of God, life manifests itself with increasing intensity and subtlety. One could say that the degree of evolution of a being can be judged by the intensity of its life.

You should learn to recognize the intensity of your emotions, discern what goes on inside yourselves and, particularly in regard to your meditations, recognize whether your level of consciousness has increased in subtlety and intensity, in other words, in spirituality, or whether, on the contrary, it has slipped back into low gear. This is another of the great qualities that you must develop: your discernment. You should be in a position to know, day by day, month by month and year by year, whether you have made progress, whether you have reached a higher level by comparison with the day or the month or the year before.

It is when you live with intensity every single day that you will make all kinds of new discoveries about your inner life, for that intensity constantly reveals something new.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Izvor Book 212, Light is a Living Spirit

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