Love, wisdom & truth – Caduceus of Hermes, Part 2/4

 – Working with energy currents
Continued… of course, the esoteric sciences can be helpful if we study them in order to facilitate our evolution and arrive at a deeper understanding of the greatest mysteries.

It is a good practice, therefore, to study alchemy, astrology, magic and the Cabbalah, but if you want to understand them fully, you must begin by studying them in man. We cannot understand alchemy if we don’t begin by studying true alchemy: human nutrition. We shall never really understand astrology if we do not study the human respiratory and circulatory systems, because the heart is the sun which illuminates the other planets, the organs, with its rays. The Cabbalah, on the other hand, with all the Sephiroth and the Angelic Hierarchies, is contained in our heads, whereas magic is contained in our gestures: without realizing it, people make magic—very often, black magic—with every gesture, facial expression, look or word… with their whole behaviour.

I have explained that the gymnastic exercises we do contain magical gestures, works of white magic. Every magus possesses a wand; you are familiar with the Caduceus of Hermes which is a wand around which are twined two snakes. Hermes is the planet Mercury which rules in Gemini.

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The constellation of Gemini corresponds to our arms; in fact, you may have already noticed that the hands represent a snake.


Our gymnastic exercises are based on very important laws. If you carry them out consciously and attentively you will obtain marvellous results for your health and every aspect of your personal equilibrium. There are many different currents in the universe, but the most important are the upward current which rises from the centre of the earth to the centre of the sun, and the downward current which flows in the opposite direction. The first exercise is related to the downward current and is intended to draw it into us and cause it to circulate perfectly within us. The second exercise is related to the upward current.

These two currents, ascending and descending, meet in our physical bodies on the level of the solar plexus which has the function of blending and distributing them correctly throughout our organism. This is very important, for if the two currents are incorrectly blended or unevenly distributed, they can cause our health to deteriorate very rapidly. It is important, therefore, to pay attention to the harmonious circulation of these two currents within us; this is the purpose of the exercises I shall now do in front of you.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works Vol. 1, The Second Birth – Love, Wisdom and Truth

To be continued…

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