Love, wisdom & truth, like a living fountain, Final

bring to mind all that we already knew, long, long ago
A person who has been born for the second time is like a living fountain of pure water which gives birth to a new and thriving civilization. Their religion is the true religion of divine love and wisdom. For them, the only true temple of God is the universe, the sun is High Priest in this temple and the stars are its sacred lights. A person who has been born a second time is one who has opened their secret, innermost channels so that they may be filled with love and wisdom. They are the perfect prism that distributes the seven beneficial forces throughout their own being and projects them outwards for the benefit of all around them. They know how to use the power of fire over water. They study true alchemy, true astrology and the true Cabbalah which they find, first and foremost, in themself. They are aware of their every gesture or movement, whether of their face or of their body. They watch over every word they utter.


A person who has been born a second time resembles the bees: instead of devouring the leaves of plants, they hover among the flowers, gathering from them the most delicious food that nature has to offer: their nectar. One who has been born again is capable of making honey.

My way of teaching you is not that of a Master, for you are sons and daughters of God, and this means that all science and all knowledge are already in your possession. But by talking together of these things, we bring to mind all that we already knew, long, long ago, when we first came from the bosom of the eternal Lord. This is what we shall try to do when we are together.

rila 1

I hope that, one day, you too will visit the seven lakes of Rila, where we spend our summers out in the fresh air under the sun’s rays, breathing freely, singing and rejoicing and thanking God for all His blessings, and where the crystal purity of the water flowing from the spring fills our hearts with the desire to resemble it.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works Vol. 1, The Second Birth – Love, Wisdom and Truth

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